Freelancers - Video Data Collection Project

  • TransPerfect
  • Mar 12, 2020
Seasonal Information Technology Telecommunications

Job Description

We are looking for participants of several backgrounds to join our new Video Collection Project.


Link to the job ad:


The task consists of collecting small videos of yourself interacting with a doorbell while taking selfies in several positions, etc.

This information will be used to improve the design and development of AI products, technologies, and services. 


You will be asked to capture these videos with specific variations, including: different camera angles, at various distances from the camera, while moving your hands and arms at varying speeds (i.e., fast or slow movement).


The task will take place in the Bay Area and LA and you will receive a very attractive compensation for your time (Task duration: 10-15 min) - Payment Options (PayPal, Giftcard, Wire transfer).


We are also looking for minors to participate in this study (4 to 17 years old).


Important: All your Data will be kept confidential and access to it will be limited to those who to administer and conduct the study.  


Please continue to the next page, if you:

- Are of legal age (18+).

- Have availability to perform the task in the next 1 - 4 weeks.

- Are OK with the nature of the tasks described above.


Thank you for signing and we hope to welcome you into our project soon!